Gina’s Spring Essentials

I’m a firm believer in dressing for your body type, coloring and lifestyle. I’m not a huge fan of trends.  However, I think it’s important to update your wardrobe each season with new accessories. Whether you’re looking for a wardrobe overhaul this spring or just a refresher, these are a few of my favorite pieces to shop now. 

My #1 spring essential comes from our newest partner, 34 Heritage

These 5 pocket jeans are amazing! 34 Heritage was created for today’s gentlemen—evolved, well traveled and stylish; always insisting on the best even when out of their office suit. Every aspect of his life is luxurious and premium.

The feedback from my clients is undeniable: “they are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn” and “hands down the best jeans”

Heritage offers three distinctly different fits and numerous color options. 

The Charisma is the most relaxed fit.  

Courage is a little more trim  

Cool is the most fitted option  

I suggest brightening up your closet and select the cream linen, grey chambray and stone colors! 

#2 Sanyo Raincoat

Experience ultimate protection from the elements with our Sanyo Rainwear Collection. Fusing high class fashion with state of the art water-repelling technology, these coats are engineered to keep the wearer warm and dry while retaining comfort.

Sanyo offers 8 differnt styles. Two of my favorite options are the Bogart ($495) and the Curtis ($450). They’re so affordable you should buy BOTH!  

#3 Armstrong & Wilson squares

The Armstrong & Wilson brand incorporates timeless men’s fashion with a splash of modern zest using distinct fabrics, bold colors, and their signature button look to generate a sense of attitude and personality to the pocket square accessory.

Bond & Bari has a gorgeous spring selection. My absolute fave is the paisley linen square. The colors are light and bright. You can wear it with suits or a great solid blazer!  

#4 Layering Sweaters

Generally speaking, layering is a year round look. It lends itself easily to fall and spring — when changing temperatures make it convenient to have pieces you can take on or off throughout the day.

While layering is practical, it’s also stylish. The best dressed men are masters of this technique.  So, where should you start? Follow these rules:

  • You can have lots of colors, but there should be some familial similarities between a couple of them, and only one or two should be vivid, bright colors. If you’ve got bright blue trousers, don’t wear a yellow shirt and a red scarf. Have one pop of color  and the rest of the outfit muted. 
  • Scale your patterns. Meaning, if you’re wearing a bold check shirt, the next layer should have a more subtle patter. The layer after that should be solid.  You can work in either direction
  • Don’t let any of your hems stick out. No shirts untucked here!
  • Last but not least, make sure each layer is FITTED.  We don’t want this look to be bulky. So choose lightweight, thin garments to create a streamlined look.

Our company, Bond & Bari carries a great sweater line. We offer cashmere, wool and cotton items in various styles. Take a look at all of the color options!


This layered look is perfection! 


#5 Custom Belts

While doing your spring cleaning pay close attention to your belts. Most men have a hard time throwing anything away, even ill fitting 20 year old accessories. While doing closet consultations for my clients, Im always coming across old, ratty, frayed, dulled belts. It’s time to let go and replace with modern, fresh and properly fitting belts.

Bond & Bari offers custom belts made from several leathers: calf, suede, lizard, crock and pebble.  We customize the width, buckle style, waist size and personalized name engraving. You can even choose a pop of color for the stitching!

Suede and pebble grain belts are the best options for spring. They add elegance to casual wear outfits.  My favorite look is the blue suede belt with white contrast (as seen on my brother below). 


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