Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Gina’s sense of style was greatly influenced by her grandmother Florence.  Florence owned Special Findings, a department store that mixed vintage clothing with designer labels. She was a real trailblazer – in her glamorous fashion choices and her business acumen.  Her grandmothers collection of oversized sunglasses, vintage scarves, eclectic jewelry and fur coats planted the seed for Gina’s sartorial future. 

After completing her Bachelors degree in Communication at John Carroll University she worked for various media outlets including an ABC affiliate, The Washington Times and a lobbying firm in Washington DC.  
In 2002 she changed directions and went back her fashion roots.  Gina left DC and headed to the Big Apple to pursue a career in styling.
For almost a decade, she worked as a personal wardrobe consultant for the largest menswear clothing company in the country.  Gina thrived in the ultra luxury category and became the leading clothier, while breaking glass ceilings in a male dominated industry. 
In 2011, she Co-Founded Bond & Bari bespoke, a multimillion dollar custom menswear company. She has been a trusted expert in the menswear industry while styling hundreds of NYC’s “movers and shakers”.  She has dressed businessmen, politicians, athletes, real estate moguls and Wall Street titans on the red carpet, black tie events and editorial covers such as AQ Magazine. 
Gina’s attention to detail and ability to understand her clients and the image they want to portray, has solidified her position in the ever competitive world of menswear. 

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