Heartthrobs and their fashionable characters

It’s not a secret  movies have always influenced fashion. This has been most prevalent with womenswear, but the men are catching on.   

Over the weekend I watched “Crazy, Stupid, Love” for the 20th time. Although I love the premise of the movie and great cast, the main reason I watch it over and over is to admire Ryan Goslings bespoke suits!! I’ve had many clients request his look. Ryan’s character is just one example of where we can find inspiration from leading men.  

My three favorite movies have always been Casablanca, Gone with The Wind and The Godfather.  This has everything to do with Rick Blaine, Rhett Butler and Micheal Corleone.  

When I was 8 yrs old, I remember watching GWTW for the first time and being fascinated with Rhett Butler. Clarke Gable’s portrayal of the charming, rugged, lothario amazed me!  He also became my first “crush”.  I loved everything about Rhett from his thick, black hair to his 3 piece suits adorned with an ascot. 

Mens fashion in the late 1800’s were greatly influenced by European styles. Suits have come a long was since then. However, while proportions were much wider, longer and fuller than they are today, fashionistas should take note.  There are many “take aways” from this movie. 

How to replicate Rhett Butlers style:

  • Perfect that naughty grin (like a Cheshire cat)
  • Be a rebel- women like bad boys
  • Confidence is key
  • A good hair pomade and trim facial hair is essential



The 1942 classic romantic drama “Casablanca,” starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman as the star-crossed lovers Rick and Ilsa, has inspired many. Set in exotic Morocco during World War II, much of the action takes place in expatriate Rick’s swanky nightclub.  

    Rick’s iconic white dinner jacket paired with a crisp white shirt, black bowtie and slim-fitting black pants is a fabulous special occassion look. The other style he sports is a 40’s inspired suit underneath a belted, beige trench coat with a flipped up collar.  

How to copy Rick’s look:

  • A cream dinner jacket is an elegant way to stand out in a crowd
  • Invest in a high quality, luxe raincoat
  • Always defer to simplicity- dark suits and crisp white shirt and square 
  • Learn how to pour a stiff drink. Rick’s drink of choice: bourbon, champagne, cognac, whisky, wine and brandy 


Michael Corleone’s 1970’s style is emphasized by the “power suit” (choose a 3 piece for extra respect). I love the addition of his black suspenders, a boutonnière and a pair of polished shoes.  His perfectly tailored clothing adds height and bulk to Al Pacino’s diminutive frame.  I have said it many, many times and I’ll say it again: Italians Do It Better!  An italian suit is the ultimate sartorial selection. While I’m not a fan of black suits, I would look to Corleone’s dark monochromatic color scheme for inspiration.

Some details to remember 

  • Good hair products are essential
  • A well tailored suit will make you look taller and more muscular
  • 3 piece suits say “I’m a BOSS” or a Godfather 
  • Try an Italian suit, I promise it’s worth the money!

However, if you want to watch the single most stylish character in the movies, then look no further than Jep Gambardella.  “The Great Beauty” is beautiful and haunting.  But, the music, dancing, sexy Italian language and (most importantly)  fashion are the reason to watch!  Jep’s fashion is on fleek throughout the movie. Never a hair out of place.  In one scene he’s wearing a bright canary yellow blazer with white slacks, no socks and loafers.  While I was watching it, I realized “the man makes the clothing. The clothing doesn’t make the man.”  

Jep is the guy every man wants to be, and the guy every girl wants to be with.  

Watch the trailer and be inspired:   



The dangerous side of wrinkle free

While visiting with a client the other day, I learned of a growing sartorial dilemma.  My client (let’s call him Bob) is an executive with a very prestigious private equity firm. He and his partners travel internationally every week. They fly to Shanghai, London, Dubai and everywhere in between.  When I asked Bob if he needed more durable suits,   he revealed a dirty little secret.  Bob and his counterparts are shopping for their travel suits at …. JCrew?!?!

Apparently JCrew’s “travel suit” have seduced the bespoke lovers to the “the other side” (off-the-rack).  While the execs hate the fit and quality, they appreciate the durability.  The last thing a man wants to do after a 14 hour flight is iron his shirts or find a dry cleaner in a foreign country! 

So how do the travel suits get their almighty strength?  Prepare yourself… The fabrics are soaked in a cross linking resin made from the embalming fluid, formaldehyde!  Not only is this gross, but it’s also dangerous!  Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen.  Not to mention, it’s causes bothersome side effects like contact detmatitis. The  United States does not regulate formaldehyde levels in clothing. Nor do any governmental agencies require manufacturers to disclose the use of the chemical on labels. 

So what’s a guy to do?  

Well, I have one word: Mohair.  This fabric is made from Angora hair and is the most durable and resilient fabric I’ve used.  It’s a luxury fiber similar to cashmere or silk, and is a little pricier. But worth every penny. Mohair is naturally elastic and does not felt. My company, Bond & Bari offers full custom starting at $2,000.  

Wrinkle resistant menswear can also be made from bamboo, hemp, and tencel.  These fibers are soft, lightweight and comfy!  

 Once I explained the toxic process, my client jumped on the opportunity to try one of our Mohair suits.  I guarantee he will love it. I’ll report back in 5-6 weeks with his feedback. 

Floral inspiration for spring 

Peonies are my absolute favorite flower! Despite their highbrow appearance, they’re quite low maintenance. Rarely fussy nor needy, they might be the perfect flower. 

The soft, rounded, delicate edges are unbelievably feminine.    

This season I plan to create ethereal looks for my own wardrobe.  I love the idea of wearing pale pastels and nature-like neutrals.  But, my absolute favorite look is an all-white ensemble. Minimalism and monochromatic dressing is SO New York. For petite girls, like yours truly, working a head-to-toe color scheme adds (much needed) inches to our frame.  Not to mention you will be the chicest girl in the room!

If you need help determining what colors look best on you, then please check out the websites I’ve attached below. It’s important to discover what colors compliment your skin tone.  When you wear “your” colors, the eyes will look brighter and you’ll glow within.




Spring 2015

Spring has finally arrived!  Those of us in the Northeast can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  Gone are the days of waterproof boots and those god awful puffy, down coats.  As we glide into spring there are many elegant fashion trends upon us.

Each season I design a story board with trendy ideas and menswear concepts. My goal is to present looks “real men” will  look and feel good wearing.  Often the words “fashion” and “trendy” scare men away.  My clients are high profile, busy and successful business executives who aren’t interested in high fashion.  They do not want a suit in marsala (Pantone’s color of the year) nor do they wear the new “it” garment culottes (if you don’t know what these are, don’t worry about it. No one looked good in them.) 

As I browsed through menswear magazines and blogs looking for inspiration, I was overwhelmed by unwearable trends! Here is just one example:   


My blog is designed to give realistic fashion advice and inspiration. I want to offer useful insight and to be informative.  Rather than regurgitating high fashion trends, I am going to offer suggestions for REAL NYC men!

Neutrals:  Beige and cream have never looked so good.  Neutral are such an elegant and easy trend to incorporate into your waredrobe.  Paired with navy  or olive your outfit will look more masculine.   


Cobalt Blue:  What man doesn’t love to wear blue?  I love every shade of cobalt and it’s flattering on every skin tone!



Colorful Blazers:  Our Zegna and DORMEUIL  2015 collections offer a stunning selection of fabrics.  I especially love the striped blazers for weekend parties!!!




Pastel:  Real men wear color, especially pink and lavendar.  Do yourself a favor and try pastel slacks for the spring.  So many more spring ideas to share. To be continued …


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

The color green often symbolizes nature.  It’s calming and refreshing and often used in “green rooms” and in hospitals to relax people. 

Green also represents MONEY. Dark green is masculine, conservative, and implies wealth.  I have a client who wears green everyday. He believes the color brings him good luck on Wall Street.  Luckily for him there are so many options in the menswear industry.

In honor of St Patty’s Day, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite looks. This is the  way NY City men should green. These looks are refined, sophisticated and a little whimsical. 

Thigh highs 

Stuart Weitzman has been my shoe of choice for many years. The fit is always comfortable, the quality superb and I adore the classic styles.  Every year there is on-trend shoe all the models and celebs are wearing.  This winter was the “Highland” suede boot. I’m a little late to the game, but finally purchased these black beauties. 

They fit like a glove and are sooooo comfy!